THONGCHAI MOUNT is the site that offers the prime views of Ban Krood Beach. From here, you can enjoy the vast bay and rows of coconut trees in the distance as well as get unspoilt views of the beautiful sunrise and sunset. On Mount Thongchai stands a huge Buddha image of "Phra Kittisirichai" which turns and faces out to sea. This is also the site of "Krom Lung Chumporn Ked Udom Suk" Pavilion , which is deeply respected by mariners.
KOH RAMRA is a tiny island about 1 kilometres. offshore, north of Thongchai Mount. It has earned fame for the beautiful coral reefs and marine life which reside beneath the clear sea. These waters are the only place in Thailand where the "Kung Phayaban" or "Hospital Prawn" crustacean can be found.
BAN KROOD BEACH is a beautiful, wide expanse of usually - deserted beach hidden away amongst the tranquil life of Bang Saphan. Here you can mingle with the fishermen and experience the way of life in this coastal fishing community. See how they prepare the dried seafood and fish for jellyfish which will later be exported. The area offers spectacular views and many small but comfortable lodgings.
BO THONG LARNG BAY is a perfect small bay about 12 kilometres from Bang Saphan Adminstrative offices. These are islets and sandbanks, while sand dunes keep in the sea breezes. With the crystal clear water, this is a perfect place to frolic in the sea.
SAI KHU WATERFALL This medium - sized waterfall is both beautiful and natural. It is situated within the boundaries of Amphur Bang Saphan Noi District, about 20 kilometres from the town centre. The route is suitable only for the adventurous who are driving four - wheel drive vehicles
Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak, had visited this place
KHAO MAH RONG CAVE Situated about 2 kilometres south of Amphur Bang Saphan District Office, the cave's interior houses a reclining image of the Lord Buddha entering "Parinirvana" or the state of complete bliss.
THALU ISLAND - SINGH ISLAND - SUNG ISLAND are small islands that are located close together off the coast of Amphur Bang Saphan Noi District. They can be reached from the shore in 30 minnutes by converted fishing boat. Around the islands of Koh Thalu and Koh Sung are a beautiful coral reefs which can be easily seen, with the naked eye, beneath the shallow crystal clear water in which they are situated. The area is ideal for safe snorkelling.